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About Auriann

Rare is the union of beauty and purity and when they conjoin the results are completely attractive. Your Purity should be such that you look to good for standards and not the world. The very essence of this amalgam sparkles through Auriann Jewels. Auriann is the brand of V R International Pvt. Ltd; we started our journey in 2011 by foundation of V R International Pvt. Ltd. Apart from Minerals we stepped into field of 925 silver jewellery one year back with ambition of its world wide trade. We participated in “Spring Fair, 2020” in Birmingham to pave the way for our product to reach many countries, as well as we intend to be a participant in “GJEPC  IJAS Exhibition 2020” which could pave the way for our product to reach many countries.  We deliver solutions that add value through creative thinking, interactive Graphical design.




Jewellery plays a very important role as an instrument of expression. Be it expressing of our personality or expressing how we feel at a particular time, the kind of jewellery we wear reflects which aspects of our person as we have chosen to highlight at the time.




Auriann works with the vision of offering tastefully designed jewellery at revolutionary prices. The world of sterling silver jewellery is ever changing with global fashion; it is important for us to earn your trust and to continue to deserve it, with our every interaction


 "Embark on the journey to elegance unveiled serenity and confidence with Auriann"




  • We enable the power to be exponentially transformative, progressive and beneficial.

  • To delight our consumers worldwide of product with purity and superior value.

  • Always searching for partners who can help us deliver against our core objective to serve our customers.




  • We value our environment and we also value the human connection we all share.

  • Auriann endeavor to keep abreast with best practices and innovation in all aspects from design to marketing and sales.

  • We value our customers and we welcome their ideas and thoughts!